January 28th, 2002


food girl

Every once in a while I'll get this weird unidentifiable hunger. I feel like snacking and nothing sounds good, no meal seems fulfilling, all that. Then all the sudden, after having this for three days, I'll be like "tacos! that's it, i want tacos!" and then I think about them all the damn time. But I can't go get them right then, i mean, tacos (the kind i want) aren't good for you, and cost money (the dining hall is free) and require moving my car (it's in a good parking spot!). So I try to supress it. And I do.

Then, out of the blue, like 24-36 hours after the original epiphany, I'll be going about my business or sitting in class and all the sudden be like, "HOLY SHIT I NEED TACOS NOW!!!!!" and my whole brain just explodes if I don't get tacos in the next, say, 20 minutes. That's what happened to me tonight in night class, i was supposed to be learning about PLCs, instead I was like, "the meat will be so greasy... mmm... taco station, they're only $.60... cheese..." so I didn't learn a lot of anything.

but i did get my tacos :)

this is like the third or fourth time this year this has happened to me, I should just learn and go get the damn tacos when i want them. what's wrong with me? why can other people handle not eating every hour on the hour except me? and why do i crave... things? i think it's hormones. blame estrogen!

and i really hope this wears off by the time i reach my child-bearing stage of my life. i'd be a disaster of a pregnate woman if i'm this bad now; my brain might just have to disconnect from my insanely irrational body to avoid imploding.