December 31st, 2001


winter sux

I would just like to say that I hate cold weather. It's about 27 degrees right now, i took a shower today (for no reason. what was i, sweaty? no.) and came out feeling like my skin was crawling because it's so dry. My room is freezing cold, I don't know why my parents can't manage to heat this house, so I'm shivering every night under sheets, a blanket, and two quilts. I don't like sleeping in sweats and socks all the clothes get bunched up and make me miserable, but I have to anyway. When I wake up in the morning I have to blow my nose 12 times before eating breakfast. It takes forever to get dressed, I can't just throw on a shirt and sandals and go, I have to leave the house wearing no less than 87 articles of clothing.

I just hate winter. I think it's awful and should be banned. I'm in no mood for any of it.

Summer is great, yes you get sweaty, but then you wash off and feel all refreshed like your pores are clean. Hair lays right and doesn't need chemicals to keep from being staticy, ice cream tastes good, I'm healthy and happy and without a care in the world. Maybe I need to move to arizona or something, i dunno.

Sorry to complain so much, I'm just not happy right now.

In other news, I think I've decided on a quote for my graduation announcements: "A mind is like a taco, the more stuff you try to cram into it, the more that's going to fall out." It's in the spirit of education, what do you think?
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