December 29th, 2001


your computer, part I

Okay all you troubleshooters out there...

Dad's computer needed an upgrade. So I took out the motherboard manual (aopen AP5VM) and read that it could use up to 128M RAM. It only had 32M RAM, so this would seem like the place to start.

I ordered two sticks of 64M EDO RAM (two sticks because, as many of you know, EDO must be installed in pairs.) I put the sticks in, fire her up, and 64M show up in the memory test. Wha? Yeah, I was shooting for 128. I restart a few times. I jiggle it. Nothing happens.

I pull out one stick to test them alone. It won't boot. This is because, as I said before, EDO ram must be installed in pairs.

I put both sticks in my sister's computer. Hey, now they're 128M together! Totally new concept.

I told Dad I would just put my sister's 4 8M sticks in his machine and put his two 64M sticks in her machine, he said he felt ripped off. How sad! His birthday is in a few days, nobody wants to feel ripped off on their birthday.

Okay, I'm going to put the new hard drive in, any ideas on this issue would be much appreciated.
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8 Great Things!

It's that time again, yes it is, you can't escape! My life is great and you should all know why, so you get...

8 Great Things About Spacefem's Vida

1) Daddy's computer works (only 64M of RAM, but hey, you take what you get)
2) Laura's computer works (now with 128M of RAM! She'll lurve me!)
3) My computer is... cranking away as always (same old 256 as always...)
4) Hanging out at neighbors tonight
5) New Years' Eve Balloon order all set up by everybody's favorite balloon artist... my sister.
6) Nice-smelling soup cooking in the kitchen courtesy of Mom
7) My birds love me
8) Got to 50 on Slashdot! Yeah! I am the ultimate geek girl!

Special thanks to everybody who commented on my last post to help with RAM issues and Windows 98 for having a few needed drivers on the CD. Heh, never thought I'd say that! Oh well.
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