December 28th, 2001


home front

Dang it, when will the UPS guy get here? Dad's new RAM and hard drive were scanned in at 11:37 yesterday and sent out for delivery, meaning my day's entertainment has been on a truck for a long freaking time. Uhg! I want to format something now!

Dave came & left, it was a wonderful time, he gets along great with my family and even my birds.

SURVIVOR last night sucked, I can't believe they voted off the cute one. Every season I hate the episode when the vote off the cute one. This leads me to think of the formula used to pick the cast of every season, they need 16 people, so it's nice to have 16 profiles:

The Women:
2 - cute lovable girls (colleen, little Kim)
1 - bitchy whiny girl we all hate (Kimmy, Lindsey)
2 - Old tough women (Mad Dog, Teresa, Tina)
1 - Old not so tough women (Sophia, big Kim)
1 - Really scary strong woman (Alisha)
1 - Strong woman, viewed as a bitch so she gets voted off first (Deb)

The Men:
1 - down home good ol' boy who can't be politically correct (Rudy, Big Tom)
1 - gay (Richard, Brandon)
1 - military guy (Frank)
1 - love getter (Colby, Dirk)
2 - under the radar types (can't remember)
2 - leaders (lex, mike)

Usually, too, we throw someone sick, lazy, or stupid into the mix to make it more fun. And there you have it: Spacefem's SURVIVOR formula. Heck, I might make my own show, huh?