December 16th, 2001


Another Day of Nothing!

Well, it's starting to get old. Yeah, weird huh? Doing nothing gets old.

I moved all my shower stuff over to Dave's apartment because I get creeped out taking showers all alone in the big empty dorm in a communal bathroom I no longer share with anybody. The rest of the time is okay, it's just the bathroom that gets to me.

My room is spotless. I dusted today and re-organized some shelves, then put my old resume copies in chronological order and filed them in my file box. That also prompted me to make little tabbies so I could have actual files in my file box for job searching, activities, important papers, etc. That was nice.

Did dorm paperwork for next semester. Surfed the internet, I'm sharing the T1 in Kelce with like 10 people now so it's pretty nice - everything slow is on the other end now. I also watched two more movies on Lifetime, both based on true stories and equally disturbing. It's funny having all these cable channels sometimes, I go on three week spurts where I basically stick with one channel. I've had them for Animal Planet, TNN, TechTV, SciFi, Comedy Central, and Discovery. This month, it's Lifetime. Hey, don't judge me, in two days I'll be at my parents' house where there are only four channels and mum bugging me to play cards. Oh, I did a yoga tape too, which helped with one of my original Christmas break goals, so that was nice. I feel healthier from that, so I guess I can't say I did nothing :)
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