December 5th, 2001


presents, presents, presents!

So I e-mailed my family my Christmas list and got no replies until tonight when mum called asking what page in the JC Penny catalogue the chunky striped sweater I want is on and I'm like, "I dunno, I saw it online. Puh-lease, mother!" Then I ask what she wants for Christmas and she gives me that, "Oh, honey I don't know, just having you girls here is so nice," and I'm like, "No really Mom, I know there's something you need," and she's like, "Well, let me think... okay there's this..." and the flood gates open. I get a preliminary list over the phone then an updated printable one an hour later via e-mail. Mom's so great.

My sister's easy to shop for too, she's like me, gets really amused by just anything fun in life.

The hard people are the men in my life, my boyfriend (one of those typical guys who, if he wants something, just goes and gets it. end of story), and my Dad. Dad's twice as impossible because after I think up his impossible Christmas gift (he never tells me he needs anything, if he does it's like A CD and that's it.) I have to get a second something for his birthday six days later on January 1st. Men. Who gets born around Christmas? I mean really, those people should just get new birthdays.

Honestly, what I really want for Christmas is an 8 channel addressable A/D converter with serial TTL logic level output. But I wasn't good enough for Santa to bring me one, and I'm not sure how Dad can find it, and it's not in the JC Penny catalogue for mom. SOL.
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