November 30th, 2001


My Day - by spacefem

Well, I wake up to NPR playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", which is odd for NPR, then I learn the George Harrison has died. I am saddened by this.

So I put in my Beatle's MP3 CD and start at song 1, album 1. I'm now on Abbey Road, my all-time favorite album, just because it has what I consider the most incredible moment in all music anywhere, that point at the end of polythene pam "Oh look out!" where it transitions into "She came in through the bathroom window...". Wow. Grabs me. No, shakes me, it grabs me by the arteries going into my heart and shakes me from there.

Also, I never knew G.H. produced Life of Brian. How funny!

During all this, I was working on my term paper for network systems on municipally owned utilities expanding to offer broadband internet and cable services. I was also thinking about how I'm too stupid to be in senior design. I have a shift key frequency transmitter that somehow has to send 8 analogue signals from input transducers and you know what? I have NO CLUE how to get from one place to another. Every multiplexer, every A/D converter, every crystal oscillator I'm finding is totally beyond my comprehension. I think I finally have the multiplexer part down, but I need 4 bit A/D converters, I can't find simple cheap ones, I'm not even sure I'm looking for the right thing, I'm frustrated and might make a crappy one myself (yeah, then we could run the whole thing at, like, a hertz.)

I guess to non-technical people the above paragraph would sound smart. But trust me, it's not, I'm not, I should change my major to basket weaving.

Around 3:00 I took a nap and woke up to Revolution #9, this was very fucked up.

Well now I'm on Let It Be, it's 5:00, the paper isn't done, the senior design project has gone nowhere, my room isn't even clean any more. Sigh.
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