November 22nd, 2001


happy turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it's time for a true American holiday involving yelling at our family, watching football and parades, and eating so much we have to lie down afterwards. I love Thanksgiving, it's my hands-down favorite holiday, I love turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes. I've spent today ironing tableclothes and helping Mom cut things to go in... things (maybe I should be paying attention to that part?) with holiday movies on network TV in the background. Dinner is around 5, family should get here around 4, we're opening the wine in about 30 minutes.

Dad's computer is an adventure, it makes noises. I'm not sure where all they come from but the best way to fix it is to lift the back end up about 3/4" and drop it, making me think it may be the power supply fan, which would be a bad thing. Around the breakfast table today I was telling him about upgrading some parts, but Mom seems to think the whole thing should be set out on the curb. It's a Cyrix 166 with 32M EDO RAM, a 1.6G hard drive, and shit for brains. The hard drive needed formatted three years ago, but getting the DSL software installed was so challenging Dad's afraid to do it. Sigh.

I told him if he bought a $400 computer, the difference between the two would be breathtaking. He seems willing to take me up on that, I looked at parts today and might be able to pull it off. I'm thinking a Duron 800 with a nice Abit motherboard. Oh, and he loves mini towers, so that could be interesting too.

Speaking of, I spent yesterday job hunting for a holiday gig. Circuit City said they might have a sales job open, I'd sell computers and cell phones for commission, but I'm nervous about that. I've never worked on commission before, and it's only a four week job, how could I learn the ins and outs in four weeks? I might just wus out and run back to the Discovery Channel Store for $7 an hour. Arg. Maybe if I'm tough I can get a raise to $8. I feel wussy.

Other news: Went bowling last night with Mike & Sister, bowled a 115 in the last game. Played Monopoly afterwards and lost miserably. Stayed up very late. Mike has no understanding of what it means to be a "morning person" but I love him anyway.

Other other news: Room here is messy and I've only been in town for two days. Tough, huh?

Other other other news: Mum needs me to wash mushrooms, crap. bye.
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