November 15th, 2001


doing a little voting off of my own...

Linux: up 2 days, 7:32, 1 user, load average: 0.21, 0.38, 0.24

HA! You may exist on my system, Windows, but I need you not!

SURVIVOR was sooo good tonight! I'm way too addicted to that show, let me tell you, it's like my one true TV indulgence per week. I really don't watch TV much at all, it's usually considered unwise use of my precious time, but SURVIVOR I can't miss. Anyway, this total heinous bitch got voted off tonight and I was THRILLED because I totally hated her and so did everybody - I watched it with two girls and we were just jumping up and down screaming like it was Christmas or something.

In other news, I tried to put together some circuitry for strain gage reading today and feel totally stupid. I once had a class where we ate, slept, and breathed operational amplifiers 24-7, now I can't even build a simple little comparator circuit. Where do the brain cells go? It was only a year ago I had this class, now I can't remember anything from it but the pinouts for a 741. Oh well, I guess this is why we don't sell our books back, huh? Jaimee helped out a bunch too - she gets kinda weird when she gets stressed but she's fun to be around and is good at troubleshooting and being psychic about what needs done, like I start probing chip outputs and she starts reading voltages off the voltmeter just like that because she knows that's what we need, she's just attentive like that. It's nice to work with someone smart. My other partner, on the other hand, is a moron; we don't even tell him when we're working anymore. We hate him. He might not make it through the year, we're sick of having to redo everything he churns out for us and holding his hand on everything he pretends to accomplish.

Senior design is a BIG deal. Without it, you get no degree, and it's not uncommon for someone to fail and have to come back. About every other year, somebody doesn't make it. There are stories of guys out in industry who have everything for their degree but senior design, and talk about coming back but just don't have the time, so the beat goes on. As partners, Jaimee & I could come clean about our useless third party at the end of the year and he'd be screwed. Would we do that? It'd be huge, but everyone is sat down individually in May and asked, honestly, what their partners contributed to the project, and if we're honest he won't get a degree. He's not smart enough.

Or, we could throw him out of the group now. Then he'd definately drown, he can't do a senior design project by himself. He's really incompetent, he's got book smarts, but when it comes to putting stuff together he can't do it. We have a good program, but sometimes somebody just gets missed; that's what happened here.

I'm not sure how I feel now. I don't think anybody on the "outside" understands what a big deal this really is.
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