November 14th, 2001


the other magic word is


It's my secret to life, has been since August when I left my worthless excuse of a job to return to college. Kind of a mantra. It's second to my other ruling word, Logic, in the list of what rules my life. Well, maybe behind God too.

Maybe God and Logic rule what goes on inside me, and passion rules how I try to interact with people. Be an activist. Be excited. Act like the world is going to get much, much better if I could be in charge of more of it.

The Linux Install Fair today was a total bust. Since I've only been LUGing here for a week and a half, I of course set back and let the guys handle things. First they hooked up a PC to a projector so everyone could see what was going on. Then they installed Red Hat Linux - the whole thing, explaining every screen. Three people fell asleep. One guy, sitting alone in the second row with a computer case and a new-looking box of Mandrake, walked out. I ended up leaving early to make it to my meeting, but I wish I could have had a moment to talk up there about how the details of installing Linux didn't matter all that much, Linux is about passion. Passion for open-source, for the bazaar, for the penguin, for configuring KDE. Anybody can figure out how to select "English-US" for your set up language, they didn't need to explain boring lame stuff like that. They needed a brief how-to and then should have set to work - install! Get with it! Turn people on!

But this is what I see everywhere with people in industries - computers, electronics, all of them. They miss the boat on Passion, and don't understand that everything they do is a waste of time if they can't get anybody to feel passionate about it.

I really should e-mail Jeff and ask him what went on at the rest of the "install fair". It's the first one we've ever had at PSU and I'm not sure any of the guys there had been to one, I know I hadn't. So we don't know how it's done. But now I know how it's not done, which counts for something.
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