November 13th, 2001


going nuts in a settled way

Having dual operating systems is insane, I reboot every three hours or so because I think of something I really need to do in the other one. Now I'm thinking I'm going to try Linux during the week, Windows on the weekends, how does that sound? I'm so torn.

Mikey came by tonight, in all his mike-ness. Hung out for a while, talked about girl issues, met Dave, etc. - it was nice. I pleasant close to a normally cruddy day (tuesdays always suck for me). I hope everything's alright with him, times are weird and all, and he's surrounded by people who act like they care a lot about what happens to him but sometimes I'm not so sure. I mean, I've been in positions before where I acted like I cared a lot about somebody because I didn't want to hurt their feelings, but deep down underneath it all I was thinking only of myself. Thinking of one's self is a perfectly human response, but everybody can admit it's gotten them in trouble a time or two, am I wrong? Anyway, it talking about this subject I'm trying to avoid controversy by being really vague, so I'll shut up before it gets annoying.

Got our proposal back on the senior project with a note that says it needs re-done again. ARG! I wasn't in the mood for this. Plus, Dr. Lookadoo wrote something on there about how we might need to cut back the sensor number. This infuriates me because half those stupid components were his idea - who cares about wireless remote heart rate monitoring? Nobody, we need vehicle velocity and frame stress; the rest is just details. It was all the instructor's ideas, since the whole project will be used to benefit their students they set us down at the beginning of the year and said exactly what they wanted, and yes, we're in over our heads, but in the real world you can't just ignore customer demands. Debate, maybe, but not just throw out. So we're confrencing tomorrow at 3:30. Should be a blast. I'll be late to the Linux install fair because of it, but sacrifices must be made I guess.