November 10th, 2001


good night

well now... is... getting there. tell me what you think of the design. too dark? oh well. speaking of design, i found out the militant feminist quiz does not work in the lynx browser. hrmph.

My evening tonight was great. After chilling for a minute after all the mess of advisory board presentations, I hopped on the computer and typed away, re-coding some sites, working on, surfing the internet pointlessly like i hadn't in like a week, all that. ah. then george called wanting to know if i'd go to wal-mart with him, so i did. we hit applebee's afterwards and talked about life over a plate of appetizers and a margarita. mmmmm. george is a treat.

spoken by george in the electronics department:
"Of course you should have a webcam. Every woman should have a webcam. In fact, if a bill were to go up proposing that we raise taxes so that every woman in the country would have a webcam, I would definately vote for it."

yeah, there are a lot of people who would sound weird saying that, but not george, it just killed me.

tomorrow i may format my hard drive after all, this time with some more partitions and an extra operating system. some windows flavor, sorry BSD geeks, I'm not ready for two unixes yet.

and now i will sleep for a very long time.
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