November 8th, 2001


i never claimed to be stable

wrote some not-so-nice things about my friend walter in my friend mike's livejournal. didn't think it was being read by concerned parties, i was just pissed off and felt like venting and walter made a great target that day because mike wasn't so happy with him either. i somehow doubt the right people are reading this, but if so, i'm sorry walter, you're not stupid and i shouldn't have said what i did about you. it's deleted now, it's all gone.

it's been one of those weeks for me, not that that's any excuse, only horrible people take their anger out on the innocent.

tuesday night i stayed so late at the tech center i forgot about my own floor meeting. that was great.
last night i worked until way too late on a brochure for our group project that's too high in production expenses to use anyway. that was great too.

i really with i had time to work on, now that it's mine.

i also want to re-format my hard drive.

i also want to clean my room.

i want to clean my life. but i'm tired, having one of those weeks where school takes priority over things like meals and showers. it's advisory board, they're coming tomorrow, and our presentation is very important. uhg, i feel like i'm drowning and can't see an end to it any time soon. oh well, enough livejournaling, it's time for our hero to get back to the library.
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