November 5th, 2001


the future looms ahead

enrolled in classes for next semester today... FOR THE LAST TIME EVER! AHHHHHHH! Does this freak out anybody but me? I'm sure. Alright though, here's the rundown so far:

Advanced PLCs - I don't have to take this class, but people everywhere keep telling me I should, so what the heck. Shouldn't be too hard, and I'll know about programming PLCs, which from what I hear is a way useful skill.

Graphic Software - have to take it for my tech writing minor. I really hope it's not an insult to my intelligence, you know?

Senior Design - yeah! a life!

Senior Seminar - yeah! a waste of time! from what I hear, we sit around talking about, uh, life on the outside. ugh.

Professional Editing - do you know the difference between an en dash and an em dash? no? probably a good idea.

Quality control - the last technical elective. sigh.

Technical writing internship - I'll be doing all the tech writing for my department, lab procedures and the like. Should be interesting and time consuming, but again, it's required for the tech writing minor.

So... 18 hours, including internships, makes for a medium-sized semester for me really. Should be exciting, and I should graduate. You know, if I hadn't gone for the tech writing minor, I could really sit around and do nothing next semester, but that's not really who I am so I'm going for it. The way the classes are set up just rocks my world - no friday classes (again!), nothing starts before 9:30 a.m. - should be exciting.

and then, when it's all done, i go... out there...

i'm a colorgenic raincloud

isabeau posted her "Colorgenic" personal profile and it was cool so I went and took the test and it basically said I was stressed and insane. Stupid profile! It's not my fault you're stupid and wanted me to sit and listen to your horrible .wav file while watching a waste of time flash animation, that alone stressed me out! I hate flash! So of course when that was done I said I felt "most harmonious" with this burnt orange color. ARG! Okay, take it yourself, but I'm warning you, I was in a good mood before, too!

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