October 28th, 2001


kinda like a survey..

I took it from siljebabe took it from javachick...

Write one word you think of for every letter of the alphabet!

A - apparently
B - bicycle
C - clear
D - drumstick
E - eatible
F - frugal
G - geekizoid
H - harbor
I - igloo
J - juniper
K - karnaugh
L - liquid
M - meta tag
N - nifty
O - opaque
P - prolific
Q - queue
R - rancid
S - spacefem
T - terrible
U - up
V - verily
W - washburn
X - xavier
Y - yak
Z - zilch

That magical extra hour

As many of you know, yesterday was the last day of daylight savings time, which means that while we were sleeping an extra hour crept into our schedule. I love it! A lot of people think the whole daylight savings time idea is really lame, I'm all for it, I think it makes life exciting.

So I thought my journal entry today would be all about how I spent My Extra Hour.

9:00 - Wake up. Realize it's really...
8:00 - Wow! I'm up early! Lay there and think about that for 15 minutes - what the hell, I've got an extra hour!
9:00 - Decide to wake up Dave. He won't care, to him it's like 10:00 because he's not awake yet! Go over, snuggle & chat for an hour or so. Normally I wouldn't spend that much time over there in the morning, but again... extra hour.
10:00 - Get ready for church
11:00 - I'm sitting in church, thinking about how I've missed the last three weeks because I was busy, but today I'm not busy because I have an extra hour.
12:00 - Eat lunch with church friends, invite them up to room to talk about life. Hey, I've got time!
1:00 - Kick friends out, decide to re-design preliminary templates for spacefem.com
2:00 - Keep working. Hey, I'm having fun, and I've got an extra hour
3:00 - Still designing
4:00 - yeah!
5:00 - head over to Dave's for a bite to eat before
6:00 - duty. sit at front desk, work on statics (blugh) and network systems homework
10:00 - Time to go! But then wait, I remember that the clocks in the office haven't been reset... crap...
9:00 - bored out of my mind.
10:00 - get back to room, think about finishing network systems homework, but decide to write LJ entry instead, because hey... what are extra hours for?

Alright, so in conclusion, it seems my Extra Hour was spent as follows:
Laying in bed, thinking about life: 15 minutes
Hanging with Dave: 1 hr
Hanging with church friends: 1 hr
Re-designing web site: 3 hrs
Updating LiveJournal: 15 minutes

extra hours ROCK!
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