October 24th, 2001



Alright, so in my e-mail yesterday I get this message from Amazon.com saying it's my "amazoniversary", or exactly two years since the date I placed my first amazon.com order, so I get $10 off a $50 order. I'm thinking, "20%? That's not a deal!" but then I remember that I kinda do want some books and it kinda would be fun to do some shopping, so I go for it. I'm such a sucker for a deal! Oh well.</p>

Let me tell you, the progress made by Amazon.com in the last few years is amazing, even if they have declared bankrupcy like five times or something. First, my "shopping spree" lasted all day. I'd pick up books, go to class, come back, close that browser window, change my mind, go back to the site, find all my stuff in my cart still... ah! Second, there are really good recommendations, reviews, and sample pages these days- I can flip through the books just like I could in a regular store now. Then finally at like 10:00 at night I decide I'm ready to buy so I click "buy", they show me an address and ask if it's okay, I say yes, and I bought! They know who I am, where to charge, all that.

There are probably other sites like Amazon, but I just had to share this feeling of satisfaction I got today from this one. It's one of those "society appreciation" moments, when you look around and think how far we've come since that messy Feudalism thing lost popularity.

Oh well, so here's what I bought:

1 "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary" Linus Torvalds, David Diamond;  Hardcover;  @ $18.20 each
The review on /. was good, what can I say?

1 "Non-Designer's Web Book, The" Robin Williams, John Tollett; Paperback;  @ $24.49 each
I read a document design book by Robin Williams that was just amazing, changed the whole way I think about design elements, so I was like, "OHMIGOD she's got web stuff! Yes!"

1 "Accidental Empires : How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can't Get a Date" Robert X. Cringely;  Paperback;  @ $11.20 each
Saw the movie, just HAD to read the book.

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hate being moody

So I'm reading this book about being innovative and designing things that make the world tic better, it's all written by this guy who works at a company called IDEO, they make the coolest new things in the world, like, re-design shopping carts and laptops and Palm pilots so they'll be really cool. It's great, but it gets me thinking, "damn, I wish I was that cool! Worked at a place like that, hung out with people like that, all those things." Then I get sorta depressed again. I feel the same way reading computer books, there are all these people propelling these huge movements, and what am I doing, running Linux on my little home PC, cranking away at life getting a college degree and running several websites that aren't very popular for fun. (CHYX has 16 members... how did we get 13 in the first week and just start sucking right after that? oh well, that's another entry) </p>

So I have the typical I-wanna-be-somebody-else complex today.

It's no better than those moronic teenage girls who write fanfiction about them meeting the members of N-Sync, only I don't want to be famous, something in that never really appealed to me. I'd rather be brilliant and influential.

One of my slashdot posts got a 5 today, my karma is up to 41, so that got me kind of happy. Maybe that's as brilliant and influential as I'm supposed to be. I also got the high score in the class on our network systems exam, that made me feel smart. I'm above average, okay? I should be fine with that.

I just can't describe it, something about this world we live in, the way things work out, the future lumbering over me, all makes me feel so small and inconsequential sometimes. Is that weird?

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