October 23rd, 2001


touch my penguin love my penguin

Well, I gave my first presentation on Linux today in my computers for dummies class - I think it went well. I mean, I usually get really nervous in front of people when I talk but this time wasn't so bad for whatever reason, my mouth got really dry but that was it.

In case anyone's wondering, the powerpoint I used is here:

I'm okay letting the whole internet see it, it's not like the information is that descriptive or took tons of research. Anyway, I think my teacher was fairly impressed, he wants me to do in again for one of his other classes next week. Yeah!

I need to find out for a friend of mine if I can install Linux beside Windows without formatting the hard drive (he doesn't want to lose anything). Anybody know about this? Can I partition without formatting? How does that work?

I'm in such a better mood today, all thanks to my operating system!
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