October 14th, 2001


nobody understands me

angry computer day.

windows was so limiting. I mean, I couldn't get free software to do what I wanted to do, it didn't know perl, it looked stupid, it's evil 'cause it's microsoft, all that. but linux has made me want to drop-kick my machine out the window.

My font encoding problem I've been whining about for three days is apparently unique to me. It's my fontserver, I'm told, I need to install the new version of freetype, something's got to be corrupt.

But installation gets weird and there's all these readme files and other libraries I have to get and before i know it I'm in over my head.

So I'm like, forget it, fuck it, I hate everything. I'll back up my files and re-install everything, I'm too stupid to run linux, i'll partition and install windows and dual-boot, probably too stupid for that too but it's worth a try. Then I remember... I can't back up my files, because I NEVER DID FIGURE OUT HOW TO BURN CD's.

Forget to stupid to run linux, i'm too stupid for a computer. i'm gonna get a sliderule on ebay and live my life on an island somewhere, i'm so fucking pissed at myself now. and i know the answers to cd-burning and truetype-fonting are somewhere out there, along with the libraries i need to install freetype, but now i'm just too tired and pissed off to do anything.

now, if this were windows, i wouldn't be able to afford a graphics program anyway so my whole web design thing would be pointless anyway. plus i'd hate myself for running windows.

i fucking hate everything right now.
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