October 12th, 2001


My Wartime Experience

Since this summer, I've marked October 11th on my calendar for one reason: SURVIVOR III! I am a complete and utter SURVIVOR addict; the first season kinda got me, the second season had me in its grips in ways I can't described. I cried when Marilyn got voted off, I was furious when Rodger and Elizabeth had to say good-bye, I was THRILLED when Tina won because she is so cool!

But alas, the day comes and I've got stuff to do at 7 p.m. central time, so I set up to tape from 7-8 when SURVIVOR was supposed to be on. I run in after being out all night, sit down with a bowl of chef boyrdee, and start the tape of... the presidential press conference. Yup, I've got about 5 minutes of the premier I've been waiting on for three months.

It sucks a lot, but then I get to thinking, "This is the worst thing that's happened to me so far because of the war. Other people far away are losing their homes, being shot at, starving to death, etc., and I'm sitting here complaining that I can't watch my T.V. show." Granted, our canceled IEEE trip to the Johnson Space Center due to the fact that they won't let us in got me down. And all of September 11th, a beautiful day here in Pittsburg, KS., was basically ruined starting with the cup of coffee I was buying when I heard news of the attacks from a kitchen radio. But that's it, I'm clean, happy, and safe in the middle of America, feeling completely untouchable.

Who's responsible for this? When I was born, was I just touched with a magic wand that formed my whole life so I'd never be attacked in my sleep or have to worry about when my next meal would be? I look around the world and it seems so rare, we're sitting here in our great America with parents who support us and schools that make it seem like we have no choice but to be educated. Go figure. The world is such a funny place, how it works, I wonder why every country can't just be like mine.

I'm padded in the middle of a continent that gets attacked every 50 years in a bad century. I'm going to school, doing my thing, making progress, thinking only of myself because that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now... I guess I'll send another dollar to the afghani children; there's no way to give them the life I've had, but I'll feel better about sitting here being warm and safe for no reason other than luck.
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Spacefem's Geek Test Of The Week

I'm experiencing technical difficulties. I'm posting this hoping maybe someone who reads my journal is a secret genius who happens to know everything about everything... hell, wouldn't surprize me!

Difficulty #1: Wireless Data Transmission
epi_lj helped me with this a bit this morning: basically I need to transmit electrical signals from strain gauges to a PC. I think I can do it if I just find a good transmitter, but so far I'm having trouble. I'd like to use the 2.4GHz frequency, this is for outdoor use so I need a good range and don't want to deal with radio conflicts, but I'd be okay with FM if it's a must. So far I've found these products, but I'd like more options and it's hard to find plain ol' transmitters that aren't made for wireless cameras you can use to watch your neighbors having sex.
http://www.rfdigital.com/product.htm?item=rfd24052 - rf digital... 900MHz, alright!
http://www.glolab.com/wireless/wireless1.html - the epi connection... I love him!

Moving on...
Difficulty #2: It's Fontastic!
Yeah, all you anti-linux people just go ahead and say whatever you're thinking, I don't care...

My truetype fonts don't all work, never have. I finally today found the root of the problem- my machine seems to only handle fonts that are iso8859 encoded, not ASCII, and all the fun cool fonts are ASCII! I've dones some searching over the past two days about the nature of encoding and found some interesting documents, but none that really helped with my problem. I'm running xfree86 4.0 and using the fonts in The GIMP. Anybody know a way I can re-encode my fonts? Some major GIMP plug-in I'm missing that will handle the ASCII ones?