October 11th, 2001


Happy day!

I was really pissed off last night because SWE applied for allocations from the Student Government and got shot down. I mean, compared to everybody else, they pretty much proved to us they don't care about our organization. Thanks you LOOSERS! </p>

But then I got this brilliant idea last night: SWE can make websites for other campus organizations for a fund raiser! Brilliant! We'll look uber-smart and make money at the same time - that's the thing with SWE, we can't do bake sales, they're too degrading. But this is awesome!

What's more, our nazi-esq campus office of information systems who handle the PSU servers are okay with us putting the sites up! Yeah!

But wait, there's more: I spent all day in Computers For Dummies in our lab... usually I don't go to lab because that's where we do our assignments and I can do my assignments from my computer, but today's assignment was over Microsoft Access. I've only used Access a few times, so I figured I'd do the assignment in lab just in case I needed help. I kinda needed some help with the queries, but still got done in like 20 minutes, then it turned out that practically everyone needed help so I stayed and ran around and helped everybody else. They were really appreciative, there was only one girl who was really dumb, everybody else understood me just fine and got off to a great start. I love helping people with computer stuff, it makes me feel so smart and, well, helpful! Like, society is better because more non-computer types can make databases! Yeah!

Alright, that was my day, time to go make flyers for SWE (again!)

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