October 9th, 2001


From the Ways To Waste Time File

I got bored yesterday and made a virtual model of myself on LandsEnd.com. It was pretty exciting, I know you all want to see the results...

It was kinda fun... once I had an okay outfit picked out I spent most of the time trying on different elements of me... what I'd look like with an extra 50 pounds or blonde hair. I think I decided I'm okay, although the model looks pretty good, I don't think I look quite that skinny in real life. Also, my model looked a little better with larger breasts, but then I remembered that I wasn't wearing a bra under my sweatshirt at the moment and if I had more boobage that might be a problem. It's nice not having to worry about stuff like that, I can just throw on a camisole or an extra t-shirt and have a day of freedom, I know C-cups of the world can't do that.

(at this time, I'll recognize the fact that a good 50% of my friends are men and don't want to hear about my boob issues... okay...)

Also- I'm not sure the model accurately portrays the way clothes fit someone of my height. I mean, I'm freakishly tall, I know full well the sleeves of that sweater wouldn't hit my wrists, no less my hands. The pants would be alright if I special ordered them, but that's it. Am I happy being tall? Sometimes. I don't like it when total strangers point it out to me in shopping malls, I don't like it when clothes don't fit me correctly. I'd rather be tall than short any day of the week, I'll give you that, but looking at that girl I can tell she's not tall like me. She's normal.

Alright, so above you see a normalized version of me. No freakish height, no freckles, no hair out of place... it's like me diluted. If she were real she'd probably only have half my personality... that'd be funny, huh? "I'm a feminist... on Tuesdays..."