October 4th, 2001



Heard last night at whatever too-late hour for me to be there:

*chuggy tips toes through the channel
(chuggy) damm sleepfem fallen out of bed
*chuggy lifts sleepfem into bed
*Theodric lifts sleepfem into his bed

I love #BeOS :)

In other news, it's that time again: when student organizations ask the student government for funds and the student government turns them all down. I'm worried about two of my loyal organizations this year - SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and IEEE (IEEE). SWE needs members, and for that we're trying to get money for recruitment, we're really sad. Last year our president decided to have a bake sale to raise money. A BAKE SALE! Society of Women Engineers had a BAKE SALE! I was like, "Hey, next we can do a set up in the main hall to iron guys' pants for them, how about that?"

So our fundraising options are limited by me being the president and refusing to do anything demeaning.

IEEE wants money for a trip to the cosmosphere with ISA (which I'm also in, but not as an officer) and general funds to start a project to help the University of Alaska with their rocket trajectory project. Basically, they build these huge rockets and see what they do by sitting safely on the ground recieving the signal, but about 30% of the signal is lost to noise, so we're going to help recover that. Of course I'm all "HAM IT UP!" but we'll see how it comes out. Anyway, our president thinks the best thing for me to do would be to spout mindless technical crap about signal to noise ratio and error correction protocols and stuff so we get all sorts of goodies for the project, I'm not sure that's the best solution. Do people really throw money at problems they don't understand? Guess we'll see.
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