September 27th, 2001


Relations Day

I want to write about important things first, and I got to feeling a bit guilty this morning about the fact that my computer got my first entry. The point is that in my entire-life-story livejournal, my life is looking kinda weird. It's not like I'd meet death to save my computer, I'd meet a lot, but not as much as some things.

Like my sister. Total dork; I completely love her. She's a lot like me in that we're both tough, sarcastic, and logical. The biggest difference between us would have to be our activities in life: I chose track (yeah, be a jock!) and she chose debate (yeah, be a dork!). We were both fairly good at our diciplines, but she rocked the debate world in a big way, almost undefeated in LD her senior year. I was really proud of her. She got to go to exotic places for national tournaments, girls' state and girls' nation, off to college on a huge debate scholarship. I went on an academic scholarship; track wasn't interested in paying me for what I'd keep doing for two years.

Oh, and she doesn't like math, can you believe it? And physics... my second religion! She dropped the class halfway into vector notation, I was stupified. I guess she's smart in her own way, but it's hard to relate to someone who doesn't get orgasmic about the hexadecimal numbering system.

But despite our differences, we get along really well. I love my sister. I can talk to her about anything, really, we relate very well and lead interesting enough lives that we appreciate hearing about one another. We keep in touch, know each other, read each other, complain about mom and dad together. I'm really glad I've got a sister, I love her in ways I can't describe. Smile, babe...

8 Great Things Time!

Alright, I've decided to take a break from telling my entire life story on my LiveJournal to actually talk about my life now. Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled program, because I love writing my life story!

Anyway, when days are good and life is up it's time for America's Favorite Game Show -

8 Great Things For Spacefem
(is the person behind the Spacefem having a great day too? That's for our viewers to decide).

1) Earned more slashdot karma! I dunno about you all, but that makes a day great for me in and of itself!

2) After working obsessively on it for a week now, CHYX is up and kinda stable!

3) Along with CHYX, I've descovered a new love: Cafe Press! I created and ordered a t-shirt that just says "It's A Binary Day!" in big goofy letters, I'll wear it on the 10th (10/10/01) to celebrate.

4) Cute new ThinkGeek tux shirt fits well and is comfy. And I get to walk around with Tux stuck to my chest, I love it.

5) It's warm again! As I speak the weather is bright and sunny, none of this 60°f crap, it's in the high 70's like the world should be!

6) Test in Computers For Dummies class today so I only had to sit in there for like 5 seconds. I had to circle a PCI slot on a picture of a motherboard and decided if a printer cable went into a parallel port or PS/2. You know, with some talent, it could go into a PS/2...

7) Going home this weekend to see my parakeets! Ahhh...

8) Dave snagged a digital camera to play with this weekend, I'm sure I'll get to play too. I can record my happiness! Kudos to the digital camera industry for making happiness recordable!

This installment of 8 great things was brought to you by whoever invented circle templates - they're so green and pretty...