September 25th, 2001


College life and how I got there

This LiveJournal thing is going really really well for me! I'll have to go into paid member mode pretty soon here, since they're open source props like myself and all. I'll take the liberty of giving myself a 30 day trial version or something first though.

I thought I'd say a few words about my education. I'm a college student. It's what I live for really, it's how I'm happy, I hope I can be this happy at this time next year when I'm all graduated and stuff.

Anyway, I've always been really good at school stuff, I think it's the result of not being really popular so there's nothing better to do than study, I'm sure someone in cyberspace here can relate to that. I'm motivated, I've got that going for me in life. So I got a lot of money to go to college, and part of that was a hefty offer from the Electronics Engineering Technology department at the school I'm going to now. I didn't know at the time what I wanted to do at all, I liked math and physics and technology stuff, but I didn't want to be a high school teacher so math was unlikely, I didn't want to compete with high schoolers for hacking jobs (my high school had some really smart computer kids - way beyond anything I'm at even now) so computer science was out, I figured I'd just not worry about it until I had to.

So I guess it was luck that EET called, said they read my applications, liked me a lot, and if I declared with them and went to Pitt State I'd get the money. If I wanted to change my major after that first semester that was okay, too, but I had to take Introduction to Electronics Engineering Technology. Mom didn't like it much, she said it sounded like a waste of my creativity and was worried that I'd be surrounded by guys - she asked the department head about this and he explained that I'd be "in the minority" but it wasn't so bad. Well, it was so bad, there were 24 kids in my class and I was the only girl. I got used to it after about a month. After about a year they got used to me. But that's another entry.

I loved electronics. I loved drawing out schematics, following paths of current and voltage across circuitry on tiny breadboards in the lab, working out bridge calculations and all that. And truth tables! Oh, the beauty of state machines - Dad taught me about binary numbers when I was like 10 and I thought they were really really cool, but I had no idea how satisfying it would be to just stare at tables of them for hours, working out K-maps for giant SoP statements that would go into a PAL. It still makes me very very happy, I can lose myself in digital logics.

Working with this stuff isn't as fun as learning about it, when you work with it you aren't challenged as much. I'm still looking for something to do about that, maybe I'll read up on PLC's some more, be one of those types.

What else do I love about school? Well, I live on campus, so I'm constantly surrounded by people... interesting people, who want to know more about me. It's something the attention-hungry types like myself really need. I love getting up and walking around outside. I love having hundreds of people to eat with, tons of friends, time to sit and talk in lobbies to people you barely know but yet have so much in common with. I love my teachers, the trees on campus, the cheap coffee in the student center, the whole bit.

I'm important here. I'm loved here. The weather is nice here. Oh God, please please please let the real world be even a little bit as good as this...