Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


took some time to update my styles today, so my calendar and day view match. also fixed the side links, which now link to the whole URL instead of just going to a base directory. yeah, i know you e-mailed me like two months ago about that, I got around to it, okay?

In other news, it really bothers me that there *still* doesn't seem to be a way for anyone, paid or not, to search for communities. I did some searching around the livejournal news/dev sites, and found lots of griping about it, but no one from livejournal actually saying anything. Am I missing some feature? Found the community search page, which doesn't work yet. It's annoying, not being able to search. And I had to drop out of community_promo because I couldn't stomach the "here's another community to post pictures of your hot self and have us rate you!" bullshit anymore.
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