Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

cave dwellers

So I went to work today because there was lots to do. Got paid. Not time and half overtime pay, but more of the basic hourly rate which will be nice. But that's beside the point.

There were about six or eight guys in the office, and I walked in and they were all sitting in the dark, staring at their computer screens. I was like, "Hey, I know the economy is tough but I heard the company is splurging this weekend and keeping the electricity turned on, in case you all wanted some light in here." But they didn't want light, they were happy being in the dark.

Darkness both depresses me and makes me fall asleep, so I turned all the lights on above my cube. We decided that maybe light was a female thing, since there are two females in our department and we both like having lights on. The guys made some comments about "being happy in their cave" and I made some comment about not wanting to be clubbed on the head and dragged into it. The whole "maybe you're different because you're female?" thing doesn't really work in an office with 2 women and 70 guys. The sample of the female population is just too small, and weird at that. But I digress. Point was that I don't understand people who enjoy life in the dark, so I'm going to poll my livejournal friends so I can tell which ones to point and laugh at.

How do you enjoy life?

In the dark
In the light
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