Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

storm, allergies, running

Woke up sunday night at 3 a.m. to this major storm coming through. When you live in a top floor apartment with thin walls you notice these things. It was hailing and lighting and all that... turned on the television and saw that the storm was kinda on its way out though, so I'd be safe. Sure enough, it calmed down five minutes later.

There were branches down everywhere though; I opened my front door in the morning and all I saw was tree. Weird view. Luckily nothing fell on my car, although branches got some others.

Plus my allergies were in overdrive. I don't know exactly what I'm allergic to but when it rains it's worse, I thought I was going to die, the claritin wasn't helping. I complained to the guys at work, and they were like, "Dammit, stop whining and go to the doctor!" so I am. Have an appointment in like an hour here.

I don't like depending on drugs, especially perscription drugs, to live life. But I can't breathe. Yesterday I was so sick I couldn't even think... I think the whole non-breathing thing effected oxygen to my brain. How did people live before perscription drugs? I asked a friend once how people ever dealt with life without things like reading glasses, and he was like, "Simple, they never learned to read." good point. but you can't not breathe.

I did have an awesome run last night though. Did the five mile with the group in the park, and I won! It's not such a big deal to win on only my second time, but it's something. I started first too, so it meant running by myself the whole time... no one passed me, I didn't get to pass anyone. 56:31 was my time, which beat my last time by like a minute and a half, so go me. I don't think anyone else beat their times, which is why I won... start times are based on personal bests. too hot.

every other run feels really good. saturday I was miserable... had to push myself hard to make 25 minutes, then finally stopped because I was seeing dark spots, which happens. I think the running group helps a lot. When I see people running behind me or at me (it's a down and back, so you see everyone after the turnaround point) I have a sudden urge to look good running, think about posture and form, look strong and run fast.

I did some sprinting in track so I've actually worked on running, which is rare. Distance runners look like hell a lot of the time. The way some of them carry their arms or position their feet is just so counterproductive. I had a similar conversation with a baseball player once... "Some of the guys on your team run like old women, why don't you guys work on running form?" he looked at me like I was nuts. basically implied that they have much more important things to work on. I disagreed.

Alright, to the doctor with me.
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