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website seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. if you're trying to get online hold off an hour or so, I've contacted the host and hopefully things will get fixed soon.

In other news, I'm baking brownies for the guys at work. We're having ice cream day. The other woman in the department is sort of our social chairperson... I'm not sure an engineering department needs a social chairperson but she's it. I used to think it'd be really lame to bake for the guys, I mean after all, I don't want them to see me as Betty Crocker, I'm an engineer, dammit. But some of them are baking, and others are bringing in sprinkles and maraschino cherries. And I think I'm to the point now where they either think I'm smart or they don't, and being a writer or a baker or anything on the side isn't going to change that.

I hope they think I'm smart.

Hell, if anything, the fact that I've come out as a crazy raging liberal has lost me more respect than baked goods ever could. It doesn't take much to be a crazy raging liberal in Wichita, Kansas. People here are super-polite, visit and you'll understand, but if you don't think GWB is the next Churchill or don't have one of those Jesus fish stuck on every vehicle that carries you, you might as well live on a beach with ten gay lovers smoking pot every day wearing nothing but mud.

I told a guy that I did that once, and he actually believed it.

Anyway, I hope my craptacular apartment oven doesn't screw my brownies up too much. Even screwed up brownies taste good, I guess. I won't bring them in and it'll be more for me!
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