Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

money for worthy causes

it is HOT OUTSIDE. seriously. really fucking hot. Monday it was 109°f. Tuesday it wasn't quite so bad, but I went running so it felt worse.

Speaking of running, yesterday was 5, 15, 15, 10 minute runs, with 5 minute walks in between. Felt miserable during that last go, my feet were really starting to hurt and I could barely breathe, but after I pushed myself through the initial pain I could breathe again. But my feet still hurt. I decided to blame the four year old shoes.

So tonight I went out and bought myself some new ones. They were all on sale at Famous Footwear (the official shoestore of one day I'll explain) so I found some $40 ones I kinda liked, then I found some $50 ones I really liked, so guess what? I bought the $50 ones. Hey, they were $65.

I know what you're thinking... "Spacefem... can you have a hobby that you don't dump money into?" Well friends, I guess I'll have to answer your question with another question... "Is it really a hobby then?"

So I knew this would happen. Feel so happy that I'm running that I must reward myself with shoes and clothes. I know I want new shorts, and could use some new bras as well.

In other news, I was driving by this theater in Wichita when I saw a sign... "WEIRD AL AUG. 3" OHMIGOD!!! Weird Al? Wichita? I smiled a huge smile... I love weird al. my friend mikey turned me on to him when we were seniors in high school. Once after I'd moved to college, I jokingly said that he should send me all his weird al CDs to listen to for a while, and you know what? they showed up in the mail like a week later. and I was so very happy.

So I called up my very cool friend and told him I needed a date and he should come visit me. He was like, "A date? Don't you have a boyfriend or something?" In a manner of speaking... but I told him said boyfriend didn't want to go on this date. Truth be known, I never asked him. I guess I should... but I don't feel the need to, I mean I really don't think he'll appreciate Weird Al like the rest of us.

downloaded some poodle hat songs. yes, I should support artists I like by buying their albums, but al will get more money from the concert tickets I just bought, even if I did use my employee club discount. I'm so incredibly excited about this I could explode. It's like driving on the freeway in the fast lane with a rabid wolverine in my underwear... NO! BETTER! if that's possible.
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