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I've got this good friend who I went to school with who lives 30 minutes away. Really need to call her up but keep hesitating. I want to invite her to dinner, but weekends keep getting busy or whatever. I got to thinking about it last night because I had gary over for dinner and made enough food to feed a small country, I'm not sure why, I just felt like cooking a lot. Steamed some fresh green beans that were bitchin' good. Anyway he'd been out working in the sun all day on his truck and was tired and not all that hungry, so he ate one plate of food and was like, "No seriously, I cannot have a second helping, I don't care how much food you made." I was dissapointed.

Food when you live by yourself is a feast/famine thing. You cook, and there's all this food, everywhere, filling the fridge with leftovers, you're amazed! Then you eat it, for breakfast lunch and dinner, and when it's finally gone you don't feel like cooking again so soon and you're eating wheat thins for dinner.

Oh well. I've got pasta enough to feed me all weekend now. And side salad, french bread, and this watermelon he brought over.

Speaking of watermelon, one of the wives is five months pregnant and I got to listen to her ask her husband to buy her a watermelon even though they're leaving for vacation in two days. He was like, "You can't eat a whole watermelon in two days!" She got this kinda guilty look and told him, "You didn't notice this, but I ate the last one in a day and a half..." I'm going to think of the look on her face every time I see watermelon now.

awesome. I've been having more fun with the wives lately, we're all starting to bond more. I'm one of the girls... a little weird still, but accepted.
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