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phair, tv, running goals

First off, I wrote a review of Liz Phair's new album on my website here. Basically, I recommended it. It's great... I've just had it on repeat since I got it. Not the revolution that her previous albums were (honestly) but what can be?

In other news, I got a new TV! Some co-workers had this 27" that they sort of inherited but really weren't using... a Sony, with picture-in-picture and a remote control and all sorts of inputs. They offered to let me borrow it, which I said was silly, so I offered them $150 and they took it. Sweet.

It's so huge compared to my 19". I just sit and stare at it... "Ohmigod, that Dove soap on that commercial is HUGE!"

Will need to buy more cables now. Damn, I just bought that RF modulator because my craptacular admiral only had one coax input... now I can hook the DVD player straight into the TV but I don't have the cable for it. Who can plan for these things, really?

In other other news, I'm running again. It's summer, it's nice out, I need exercise. I want to look like I did when I was running. Sleep like I did when I was running. Some guys from work are going on a Canyon run on September 13th... it's a 10K. It's perfect. I have a reason now, a focus. So I'm going to run every other day at least and I have a whole plan how to work up to it and a fresh battery in my timex and running shorts. So determined!

I want to live a very long time. Be healthy. Feel good. There's a million reasons to feel good.
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