Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

basic weekend

Yesterday I was driving down Meridian when I came across this gigantic flea market... I just had to stop. Inside was insane. Hundreds of people were shuffling through booths and shops buying shoes, records, antiques, general random stuff. But like many markets, there was a pleasant cultural quality to it. People were speaking all different languages and there were all different ages there... it feels good to get out of the world of middle aged white men that I work in each day.

So I bought some beer pint glasses. I've taken to collecting the things lately... Dad and I were at a bar once that had all different beer pint glasses and we were sort of inspired to do the same thing, so it began. He can't collect them because he and mom have too many glasses already, but I don't have that many, and the ones I bought when I first moved into my apartment keep breaking. I've got about ten now. The ones I found yesterday were for Boulevard Pale Ale, a Kansas City brew which I love, and Hornsby's draft cider, which I don't love but the glass is cool. Hell, all the glasses are cool... the perfect size, nice and solid and heavy. I have some others in my collection that are just random brewries and festivals that I've never heard of.

I bought some shot glasses at another booth... I didn't own any shot glasses, and one never knows when the need could arise. I saw one that said, "1982 World's Fair, Tennessee" and just had to have it.

At night I went out with friends and we saw Terminator 3. I need to go back and see 1 & 2 again, it's forever since I saw those. Anyway, T3 was good, I'd recommend it. Very cool action and the plot actually did something too.

Today I woke up, went to church, went to the pet store to buy bird food, went jogging around the apartment buildings. There was trash all around the pond from people shooting fireworks off... it made me mad. I mean, I can understand not picking up every tiny little scrap of paper from every firecracker, sure, but leaving whole empty roman candles out for someone else to get, someday? That's just crap. I hate how inconsiderate people are. I hate assholes. I lie awake at night, hoping that people like that aren't reproducing.

Went swimming, it was nice. And here I am. Will probably cook something decent for dinner tonight, yup.
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