Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

printer, spiders

One of the guys from work gave me a printer. It just needed some cleaning and mechanical work, he said, and it'd work fine. It was really nice of him and all, but it's a Cannon BJC-5000, which received a "paperweight" rating from So I'm thinking that it's not really worth cleaning up. Or even rebooting into windows for. It's taking up lots of space, which I don't have because my office is a storage closet. So that's one crappy thing.

I really don't miss having a printer that often. These inkjets are all cheap crap anyway, and end up costing tons of cash on ink. I guess I'll give this one back.

Second crappy thing is that I killed this giant leggy brown spider last night, and this morning got a forward from the guys from work about brown recluse spiders. They've been talking about how they're everywhere, and this e-mail had pictures of the spider, and pictures of this guy who had a bite on his thumb and it was all swollen and split open, this like 3" area of dead rotting flesh oozing gelatin looking stuff. ohmigod. I hate spiders so much it's not even funny... and now to think there are poisonous ones all over where I live... I'm scared to death.

So when I installed my printer I pulled everything out of the office and vacuumed it all. Then I sprayed a bit of this stuff I got from wal-mart... it's supposed to kill everything. I'd like to have parakeets when this is over so I'm using it sparingly and not anywhere near their aquarium. I bought the "kitchen" formula of the kill everything stuff, it says it's quasi-food safe, which made me think maybe it was a bit milder.

hate the spiders!
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