Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

starry starry night

My dad told me if I wasn't doing anything around 3 a.m. this morning there was going to be a helluva meteor shower. He might have been joking but being a college student, we consider 3 a.m. a great time to do stuff, hell, it's better than 8 a.m. class, right? So I rounded up George, Dave, Linsey and Walter for our own little astronomy party and went to bed at 11.

Dave was the only one of us who didn't go to sleep, I thought that was crazy, and when I called him he told me it was raining. Crap. Okay, we decided to go for it anyway - checked for a radar and figured if we drove west we'd make it to dry land. Dave then decided not to go, I think he was just going to be with me and I went ahead and told him that was stupid, he should be going because he appreciates astronomy, you know?

But the four of us set out driving.

Long story short, I saw no meteor shower, which really bummed me out because these things don't come around often. I caught a good one my freshman year, out in the middle of nowhere in the small hours of the morning with friends, but it'd be great if these things were like an annual occurance. sigh. it was nice driving with everybody, hanging out talking about life and how things just are, but we weren't getting out of clouds any time soon. I grew up in the city where we don't really have stars.

oh well, there's supposed to be another one in 2031, maybe then I'll be living someplace with nice weather.
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