Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

debate fuel

There's another website debate on homosexuality, and the pedophilia issue has come up. Oh yes, don't let your young boys go around gay men... they'll want to rape them!

The problem with debates on this issue is that there are no real statistics out. Yes, there've been boys raped by men. But can we really call these men "homosexual"? I can't see how you can call a man gay if he's never had sex with a man before... it just doesn't add up. But all the statistics I find are either from fundamentalist christian web sites ("burn 'em all!") or GayPrideAndRainbows'R' (or similar sites). It's an impossible issue to debate.

The gay sites say that 20% of the population is gay. The conservatives say it's less than 1%. That's screwed up, too.

Anyway, if you talk to gay people about this issue they look at you like you're nuts. A heterosexual is a heterosexual. A homosexual is a homosexual. A pedophile is a pedophile (and screwed up in the head, to boot). If a woman has sex with a 12 year old boy, she's not heterosexual, she's fucked up. But for some reason, if a man has sex with a 12 year old boy, he's part of that group of homosexuals, who we shouldn't allow in schools, churches, scout troops, or, apparently, out of their houses.

Debate just sucks, I don't even like it. Okay, the whole point of this entry was to say that if anyone can find some reasonable, logical statistics, not driven by one side or the other, that clear up this issue, I'd love to be pointed towards them.
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