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So Liz Phair has this new single out called "Why Can't I"... I didn't know it was Liz until I saw it on the Fly 92.7 website playlist thingy. Now I'm scared. I mean, it's a good song, but it sounds a lot like, erm, EVERY POP SONG out there, which isn't what Liz Phair is. She's daring, in your face, alternative! She's my hero. Exile in Guyville is probably, oh, at least #3 on my greatest albums of all time list. If she's gone bubblegum I just won't know what to think anymore.

In other news, I suck at bowling now. I had a 118 average at the beginning of the league, but the last two weeks I've been lucky to break 100. I bowled an 83 tonight one game. Pleh. Oh well. It's all for fun anyway.

Added a section to the forum for creativity and such things... art, writing, poetry, etc. Hope it adds an element of intelligence to the place. My forum is getting big.
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