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My legs are all scratched up and bruised. You know what that means? It's summer! yay :) comforting. I don't know what all the scratches and bruises are from... many are from biking through the woods yesterday though. But either way it means that I'm out in the world, it's warm and bright enough to just dive into, and stuff happens but it's all good because in the winter, when I'm safe and warm inside, I'm really not happy. I'm happy now.

Am sewing! I'm making a dress, like Lt. Uhura wore in the original star trek. It's gonna be uber hot. Yes, the original star trek was a bit sexist in what the female officers wore. but sometimes it's just fun to be sexy without thinking of the political issues involved.

Rented "Mists Of Avalon" from netflix. It was awesome! The book was more awesome, of course, but I'm impressed with how they did on this movie, especially since it was a made for TV thing.

Writing FAA report at work. We decided that certification reports are beautiful because they have a formula, they're cut and dry, and you should be able to apply said formula to anything. You state the requirement. You state the means of compliance (there aren't very many to chose from... testing, design review, equipment qualification, similarity, etc.). You state additional reference or backup information. Then you move on to the next requirement.

So I'm going through the grocery store now like... "These strawberries comply with the requirement to appear red in color. Compliance is shown by design review." "These strawberries comply with the requirement to not feel mushy and old. Compliance is shown through testing and equipment qualification. Reference technical standard order 67-TSG-52A, 'Appropriate Strawberry Resiliance Levels'."

Cars, boyfriends, job applicants, pants, computers, glasses of water, compact discs... everything should just have a list of qualifications, and documentation proving that it meets each one, filed in a drawer, covered with signatures. Certified. Approved. Mathematic.
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