Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

because it's so hard.

Got this in my e-mail. SpamAssasin didn't get it, but I don't mind because it was sort of amusing.

We're happy to announce that the bad old days of waiting to get a new credit card are over. With our instant-credit process, you can now get a brand-new Platinum Visa Card immediately!

Wow, thanks Amazon that's amazing! I was just thinking how difficult it is to get new credit cards... I was only pre-approved for like six in the last week, which is a drop from the week before. Checking the mail has just been upsetting, and there are almost no online ads yelling at me to APPLY TODAY and that sort of crap.

Is it just me here? I get offers all the time, have since college. It took them at least a week to find me in my new apartment, but here I am, and here they are too. And there are store cards... I cave in and get them because I save 10% or 15%, then I cut them up when they come in the mail unless they come with amazing coupons, which they usually don't. It's just almost shocking how easy it is for someone my age to get a credit card.

I know what you're thinking... "Spacefem, you have a job, you pay your bills. Why shouldn't it be super-easy? You're just what the companies are looking for." But I haven't always been like this. In college I made $100 a month and got just as many offers and found it just as easy to pass the store card credit checks. I'd never made a car payment or opened a savings account. Our nation is just built on credit cards.

So for Amazon to try to temp me by saying that credit cards are so difficult to get... damn. What's next? "Having trouble finding cheesy online casino banner ads to click on? We have them for you right here!"

Is this just an America thing or is the whole world corrupt?
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