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Just got back from a "pampered chef bridal shower", in which another of The Wive's favorite pasttimes (selling me stuff) was disguised as a party.

Oh, they're nice women, I'm sure they mean well. But this thing dragged on and on, and I was missing the state high school track meet for it which made me extra bitter. And I ended up spending $25 on a present for this woman (who I like, but $25 is quite a gift in my book) because they always tack on shipping charges for pampered chef stuff.

Damn, I'm bitter today. Need to relax.

I just hate all these pyramid-scheme looking companies that convince armies of females that they too can "own their own home business" by selling all this stuff. I've been to parties for scrapbooking, makeup, jewelry, candles, and kitchen tools in my life, and they just all seem... I dunno, overpriced and flakey. And you're stuck in this room full of women spending money and you feel like if you don't buy something, you'll be a total loser.

Plus, I have this idea in my head that no legitimate job is based purely on how well you sell someone else's stuff. This "someone else" at the top... they don't care about you. They don't care to develop you. You sell for them and maybe get something out of it.

They don't invest in you, that's the magic thing. You shouldn't work for a company that doesn't invest anything in you.

The company I work for now has invested quite a bit in me, but even the other jobs I've had... at the shoe store for instance... I was worth something. They hired me, they wouldn't just hire anybody, and they trained me and assigned hours for me to work and paid me no matter what I sold. It was legitimate. If you're working for yorself, just selling your own stuff, no one invests in you but no one gets anything back, either, it's all yours. That's legitimate too.

Anything else... well, I just feel like you're being had.

Anyway, if they're going to invite me to these parties I wish they'd sell something cool like sex toys. I've heard about selling that stuff, maybe I should take it up. hmmm.
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