Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

long drive home

Uhg, this weekend... I'm glad it's over. This morning was fun because my family made a huge breakfast and my great uncle came in from out of town and ate it with us and it was awesome... pecan waffles, egg and sausage casserole, coffee, oranges, strawberries, blueberries. I love breakfast. Seriously.

Then I packed up to go home. I always take the same route from Overland Park to Wichita now... I hate going through Olathe to get to I35 so I take 69 south to 199th street, then take that west until it runs into I35. Not sure if it saves time, but I know it saves stress. Olathe sucks.

But I pull out of the driveway and Dad is pointing to this spot where my car was... "You're leaking something!" he yells. "Condensation?" I yell back. "NO... go to valvolene where you got your oil changed yesterday and make them figure it out!" he yells. "Okay!" Valvolene is on the way so it's no big deal, but when I drive past they're closed for memorial day. Damn.

So I get on 69 hwy and go south, thinking about all the events of recent days. The speeding ticket, the leaking something, friends, family, all of it. I've got a CD in... one of my new ones that my sister got me for my birthday. All this is going through my mind when I realize I'm behind another slow-moving vehicle that will probably need passed, and I'm like, "Wait... how come this isn't four-lane?"

Because you're not on the interstate, dingbat. Yes, I forgot to turn off and (this is the best part) drove for almost an hour before realizing it. (If you don't know Kansas, by the way, here's a map for you.)

I caught a mile marker and pulled over and looked in the glove box for a Kansas map but then remembered that I gave all the Kansas maps to my sister when I gave her the college car because I was like, "I know Kansas... what would I need a map for?" (let's face it, it's not that big a state, right?) Called Dad on the cell phone. Hate calling parents at times like these but seriously, I'd already called Mikey enough times for getting lost.

So Dad's map didn't have mile markers but he was like, "Did you pass the powerplant?" I didn't know. I had no idea what I'd passed, I hadn't been paying attention. Mind had been going on about social issues and driving lobe had been on total autopilot for the last hour or so. It was bad. So we judged distance and he said I might as well just go to Fort Scott and take 54 over, so that's what I did.

Four and a half hours later I was home, after exciting tours of many craptacular Kansas towns. At least traffic wasn't too bad. Still, I felt like a moron and was totally exhausted.

But at least I didn't get a speeding ticket.

But I got lost twice in two days... not good for our hero. I'm tempted never to leave Sedgwick county again... it really gets me in trouble. KansasFem. Not boldly going anywhere because frankly she just can't handle it.
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