Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

ranting, bitching, whining

Have become depressed due to the following things:

1) Awful weekend sickness has faded into terrible barking cough, which experience has taught me will linger throughout the week. Am already driving coworkers completely nuts.

2) Rain.

3) Went to Best Buy to look at DVD players and employees wouldn't give me time of day. Stupid employees... oh well, what can you expect at Best Buy?

4) Am frustrated with manufacturer's assumption that every T.V. has component and or composite inputs... WTF? Don't they realize that we bought these T.V.s in college and were poor? Will have to get some sort of adapter it seems because DVD players today seem to all reject being run through VCRs, which I think is total crap.

5) Am equally frustrated by inability to find website that explains how to hook all this stuff together anyway, which I really need because asking the salespersons at electronics retail store could damage tender engineering ego.

Uhg. Well, I'll go to bed early tonight, hopefully shake the cough and depression all in one blow. Seriously, if anyone knows of a good home theater, um, tutorial or something I'd love to hear about it.
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