Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

i feel pretty!

Last night I started to feel a little bit better so I drove to RiverFest to see the symphony, it was great. I missed like half the performance because I parked so far away but I didn't mind the walk, it was a perfectly beautiful night and the fresh air felt good. When I got all the way around to where the symphony was I laid down on my blanket and looked up at the sky.

After the last song I ran into some friends from work who said they had a good spot decked out to watch fireworks. The fireworks were awesome but I was starting to feel really tired, so when they were over I didn't stay to talk, just walked back to my car and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. By this time I felt awful, I literally moaned my way through the aisles buying soda crackers, nyquil, tylenol, vitamines, and soup... kept blacking out and slowing down. At the checkout the lady looked at me and was like, "Did you want to pick up 7-up or Jello? We can send someone back for it."

nice. no, but thanks.

Came home, took my nyquil, slept. Woke up this morning and could barely get out of bed. When I finally did I had a cup of tea, which I sort of threw up (if you can throw up a cup of tea... doesn't hardly qualify), decided church was out of the question.

I took some tylenol though, and that helped a lot. I wasn't achy anymore so I got up and started to clean my room, which I really let go yesterday. It's looking better now. Ate soup for lunch.

I think tomorrow I'll feel well enough to go to work. I know, damn!

In other news, I updated the hydrox page to add a gallery of vintage magazine ads and added a tutorials page to show people everywhere how to make JavaScript quizzes. Yes, yes, I should be using PHP... I know this. But for now JavaScript does the trick, and I haven't heard too many complaints.

I really would like for someone to read through the tutorials though. So far I've only had one comment from someone who got lost on the "To get started, open a text editor..." step. Technical writing is a trying process, you know?
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