Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I hate being sick on a Saturday. On a work day I could just call in maybe or at least take it easy, but this is eating up my time, when I could be productive. I don't feel like shopping or taking my skirts to the dry cleaners or riding my bike, I'm just out of it.

tonight is the last night of riverfest, too. I wanted to go see the symphony and watch fireworks. uhg. guess I still sorta could, if I feel like dragging myself out of this place.

I thought it was allergies too, that's what gets me, last night when I was hanging out with the work crowd watching "Black Hawk Down" sniffing and sneezing my head off I was like, "Damn pollen and mold and ragweed! Curse it all!" oh no, that's not it, this is all clear to me now. I feel achy all over and my throat is killing me.

okay yes, i'm a big baby.

time to go to the store, get some more tissues and some nyquil to sort of ease my pain or something.
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