Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

and yes, i'd like my milk in a sack.

Okay, I'm never shopping at Food 4 Less again. This hurts, because there are two really close to where I live, but like three times I've gone there I've looked at my receipt and felt like I got overcharged, and today I just about really almost did. I went in there with $11 needing a book of stamps and ice cream bars, because I was really craving ice cream bars. After the stamps, I had $3, plus change, which short of limited my ice cream bar selection, but I found some that were $2.99 and had a $.50 coupon. I get up to checkout and have to wait forever behind this dirty looking man buying eight thousand cans of chili and some melons, and he can't figure out the card swiper thingy, and he looks like he just got out of freaking rehab, and the checkout girl is just basically yelling at him... "Okay now press the top right button. TOP RIGHT. THAT ONE."

I finally get up, she scans my ice cream bars, $3.80 with the coupon. WTF? Price check. Takes forever, but you know what? They were $2.99. So, I have official confirmation that Food 4 Less can't get their prices straight.

I really can't find a good grocery store here that's close. There's the Dillons at central and maize that's like going to a crack circus every day, eight million people, none of whom can drive or push carts in a straight line. Place is always crowded. People always parked right up front doing pick-ups and drop-offs, just sitting their in their gigantic SUVs.

Then there's the Dillons at 13th and Tyler where the produce just looks like it's rotting and the movie rental person has this weird messed up rule in her head and won't let me rent more than two movies at a time. Uhg.

Leaving... Food 4 More, or Fight 4 Food as dave called it. Milk is always like four days from the Purchase By date. No bakery. No butcher. I give up.

I mean, am I really that much of a grocery snob? Am I asking too much here? All I want is a place where I can get a good head of romain lettuce, cheap skim milk. None of this mattered in college because all I ate was ramen noodles and peanut butter on ritz crackers, and dining hall food. maybe I'm grown up now, that's how I know. I bitch about grocery stores. yay maturity.
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