Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

amnesty & me

Okay, last year after a very good Christmas and some self reflection, I got a letter from Amnesty International describing some of their activities and how I could help out. They seemed like a really good organization - what better cause is there in the world to support than human rights? I did some research and found out they were really as good as they seemed - almost 80% of donations goes directly to programs and their efforts have managed to piss off most world governments because they're not swayed by politics. So I sent them $25. Just a one-time donation, I'm a poor college student but I felt a little better to help out just a little bit.

Since then, I think they've sent me at least $50 worth of stuff. I'm not kidding. I've gotten countless letters, a subscription to their monthly publication, a window sticker, a full color 12 month calendar, and (this was tonight's offering) a set of 12 very nice Christmas greeting cards with envelopes.

I have a sneaking suspicion my name was sold to other organizations because I get tons of charity letters these days, so maybe that's how they made money off me, I don't know. But somehow this whole thing just seems wrong. Are they trying to guilt me into giving more? I probably will, but I feel like if I give I should do so out of my heart, not because 2002 is coming up and I don't want to miss the new calendar. Do most of their members just send checks regularly? Set up some sort of automatic checking account deduction? Maybe those people should get a set of greeting cards.

I dunno, I'm just kinda frustrated because I wanted to help international political prisoners being held in hopeless conditions without trial, not more stuff.

I have enough stuff. That's why I sent the check in the first place.

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