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was chatting with friedtoast on the phone tonight when I confessed to him that I would really like to release my parakeet, Naboo, into the wild forever. Good-bye, you stupid bird.

It's not nice, no. She's a parakeet. The weather outside is perfect now, but there are predators out there, and the weather won't be perfect forever. And I'm not sure she knows how to fend for herself. I guess she could stick around, eat the birdseed out of my feeder on my porch.

She drives me nuts. Just goes off and chirps and chirps and chirps all the time, constantly. If her and aggy are separated, aggy sometimes just chills, or gets quiet. Naboo? Never. Both times I took aggy to the vet I left and returned to hear Naboo squawking her fool head off.

Aggy doesn't like to explore, Naboo does. Aggy likes people, Naboo doesn't. Aggy isn't retarded, Naboo is. Aggy was born in my bedroom my sophomore year of high school, Naboo was bought from a pet store years later when I was away at college, and nobody played with her or let her out, and she never got used to people. She won't get on your hand or anything, she just runs away.

So tonight I was on the phone and she was going off and I was like, "You know what? I am this close to letting this bird loose." friedtoast said that I was the type of person who would feel guilt forever because of that, so I probably shouldn't, but damn.

Hate this bird. Sometimes I think Aggy hates her too, that's the best part.

Who said freedom was a bad thing?
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