Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy easter!

Just got home from the weekend at the parents' for easter, it was a good one. I woke up around 4:30 Saturday morning because of this huge thunderstorm, and after lolling around for a while decided I should just pack up and go. So I did, got out a little after six.

I'd looked at the weather and thought it looked like I'd drive out of the storm, but I didn't. It rained the whole time. I sort of had a moment though because rain is just different out in the middle of Kansas. In the city, what does it do? Depresses people, makes things dingy. But rain means something when you're driving through farmland, you're seeing life and nourishment, you're seeing it all happen. Why we keep going. There's a billboard along the way that says, "One Kansas Farmer Feeds 127 People + You!"... makes me wonder where they got that statistic. Anyway, I have a deep appreciation for what's going on around me on this land, what's growing or grazing or whatever. Rain keeps it all alive. I was inspired to see it.

The family was surprised to see me so early, but it worked out great because I had the whole Saturday to do stuff. I went shopping with my sister for a long time, we went all over and tried on clothes at the mall and looked for picture frames. We bought nothing, which is funny, because we were close on a lot of things and it's not like we were really trying to buy nothing. But it was good bonding.

We came home and ate a huge steak dinner with mom and dad, then we watched "Rabbit Proof Fence", which we saw in the theater when it come out but talked Dad into renting it so we saw it again. It's just such a good movie, and so haunting. Mom said something about how she just couldn't get those girls' faces out of her head after it... I related. There's a good documentary on the DVD about how they picked those actresses, none of the kids had acted before, they just wanted to find some aboriginal children with acting talent. The littlest one is just adorable, and they showed her audition... it's so cool to see a seven year old who's never acted before just nail something like that, she's incredible!

Talked to my sister until like two in the morning about life, religion, human rights, all that. She's so cool, I miss her a lot. Lately I've been better about calling though.

In the morning we went to church and then Grandma's house where I hung out with the family and played with the cousins. I have a good family. Got back on the highway a little after easter dinner and drove home to Wichita where, here I am.

It was a good weekend, I'm terribly content with everything in the world right now. In the church sermon this morning the pastor talked about his friend who has to tape basketball games because he's such a huge fan that he can't watch the games unless he already knows the end, it's just too stressful. Easter is about that... we can slow down and appreciate this game because we know how it ends. Just be in this moment, observe what's around us. I did that a lot this weekend; this week even.

I'm at peace now, with that idea in my head.

I'm also at peace now because I got to eat lots of roast beef today and my laundry is done :) It's the little things and the big things together, always.
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