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div tags, internet authorization

plunged into the world of DIV tags, finally, to give the old advice column a facelift. I'd resisted DIV tags for a long time because I honestly thought they only existed to make terribly painful livejournal layouts... you know the ones with the huge page backgrounds and a tiny little scroll box 200 pixels square where you read the entries? bring on the pain. but I think the new pages are much easier to read, I used to just bold the question text and that was pretty awful.

I just realized, that considering the size of my friends list, someone reading this entry probably has one of those awful scrolling layouts. oh well.

didn't test the my new page in other browsers though, just mozilla. so if you see something that doesn't look right, send me a screenshot.

In other news, it was windy as hell today. that's kansas, huh? it's been nice out, like 80°f which is amazing.

I finally put in my paperwork and got internet access on my work computer. For a long time, I was just not going to do it, I was afraid that I would use my powers for evil instead of good. At my internship, we were free to roam the internet as we pleased, and I got totally used to it. Where I work now, that's just not how it is. Part of the reason is probably because we share cubicles, makes it sort of hard for people to not notice what you're doing. Another reason it that we're just busy, it's a very driven environment.

It seems like that atmosphere is the exception, not the norm, these days. I see evidence of people who update their journals or read forums at work... totally out of the question for me. After eight months at this job, I can't even imagine it. Don't even want it. We use the internet to access vendor sites, research engineering principles. We don't shop for cars on our lunch breaks or check how our ebay auctions are doing. I honestly have never seen anyone using the internet for non-work use, except to watch the streaming CNN that the company has made available to everyone, internet access or no, through a plug-in off the intranet.

I guess another reason why it doesn't bother me is that I hated my old job so much. A lot of things are like that. I had my own cubicle, but I was lonely. I had business cards (we're too cheap to buy them here), but knew that with my degree I'd never be promoted above measly technician status. I surfed the internet all day (and I do mean all day!), but that was because I had nothing to do. It sounds cool, but really it got old fast, because no one needed me. I wasn't doing anything for the company, or my coworkers, or the world.

So, I've got internet access, but feel totally confident in saying that I will never go to or or with it. It's just out of me.
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