Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

warm saturday

First off, I learned that Fly 92.7, which I think is my favorite radio station EVER, publishes its "power rotation" on its website under "Music". So I can just go download all the songs and artists... kazam! I already want to buy new CDs. I was trying to resist Zwan, because I have so much smashing pumpkins stuff (read: every album ever) but now I can't. Must own. Good Charlotte and The Donnas are kind of clishe, but I don't care. Must also own. So here we go.

Awesome day. I woke up and watched mystery science theater 3000 like every Saturday, then went shopping. Bought an easter dress at gordman's for $20, then went to the mall to look for clothes but was just uninspired. So I went to Target, and they had some cute stuff... I found a black cotton cardigan sweater that's simply perfect. And I bought a swimsuit! It's too cute... red with beige trim and navy/beige stripes. $30 both peices. Love it.

I spent like $70 but took $7 off that because I went ahead and got a Target Visa card. yay. I can use it anywhere, and .000000001% of my purchase goes to my high school. kewl. oh, and I got a free mini radio.

speaking of mini radios, I walked into Best Buy earlier and lusted after speakers. pretty silver five-peice sets, 200 watts, subwoofers. not today, spacefem.

I ate a pretzel at target lunch, then came back here and got Bike. I haven't ridden my bike since I moved to Wichita, but after that run a few days ago where I found the route to the park I had to go. And it's awesome... I can take sidewalk all the way from my apartment to the park on 13th & ridge. there were lots of people there but not a suffocating number. I just rode around the paths, they go all around the park, over the creek in various places, and there's one loop that goes around the entire sedgewick county zoo. not close enough to see zoo animals, but still, that should tell you it's a pretty good sized path.

so that's what I did, I feel good now. sitting here wearing my new swimsuit top and shorts (not because I plan on swimming, it's just cool like that). I rented some movies and have all the ingredients to make Spinach Enchilladas: Take 12. rock out!

again, thank GOD for spring. His best idea by far.
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