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This morning I was dreaming that I had a puppy. It was a great dream, I was chasing my tiny puppy around and when I caught him I'd hold him in my hands and show him to everyone. Then I woke up.

The radio was on, and they were talking about how daylight savings was over and we could all lose an hour today. crap, how'd i miss that bit of news? maybe it's because I keep shutting myself up and not interacting with humans or something? so, set the clocks, curse curse, now I've slept in an extra hour without even doing anything.

So I decided to skip church, again.

I read the paper and watched more Lord Of The Rings. I rented the super-crazy-extended version from blockbuster, I've got it all week now and am pretty sure that's all I'll be doing. Last night I watched Disk I for like four hours, just kept watching scenes over with the different commentaries on. Today I finally put one of the bonus disks in to hear about how they wrote the movie from the book and all that. It was interesting, you can really OD on this stuff if you have no life.

(which I don't, so here we go).

I made more blinky logos, and added a whole new website page: The Hydrox Cookie Page. See, I wrote this article a long while back on hydrox cookies and how I was raised on them and they were so awesome, but now they're gone. I was always getting e-mails from people about the article, they'd search for hydrox cookies and I was about all that came up. So now I've got a whole page for it, complete with the e-mails from the last two months or so that I had stored. Good times! Hydrox has a page now.

I wish I could find a picture of a package of hydrox cookies. Seriously, these things have been wipped off the planet.

Most of the e-mails I get are from baby boomers upset about their childhood being taken away. What a weird generation. It must be nice to have a label for your little group, you can all band together, make the AARP stronger or something. I knew a guy in college who was born in 1960 and said he was a baby boomer, I was like, "No, sorry, missed it by a decade. You're nothing."

I'm too young to be Generation X, I remember learning that one year. I was born in 1980. We're just... born in 1980. My parents are boomers. Not every generation gets a label, I'm sorry to say it.

Computers are doing a good job of splitting up some lines. At work, I know so much more about computers and software than the people who were born 10 years before me. I pick up on stuff so much faster. I type faster. It's my generation. And here now, I've got website members and stuff who won't remember the world before the internet, it's all they know. Instead of discovering it, trying to dig little peices out in 1994 to see what can happen, they were just born into a world where every computer talked to every other computer. That changes their world, too.

I don't know, just ranting on ages, I've been doing that a lot lately for some reason. The whole point of the story is that there are baby boomers, they had a childhood, it was bought by corporate america, they had kids who could make web pages about it. And so on.
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